Derryvella Lake (Lough Doire Bhile)Ecological Loop Walk

Derryvella Lake (Lough Doire Bhile)Ecological Loop Walk

Derryvella Lake(Loch Doire Mheile) is now an established angling centre, this site has recently been upgraded to facilitate access through the 17 acre site by means of gravel pathways that interweave  this stunning natural amenity taking the walker around the lake, over streams, and through the wetlands and assist access to the ancient monastic site of Derryvelle.

The sparse vegetation allows wild flowers  a chance to grow and  butterflies can thrive here. One can see the following species: Dingy Skipper, Brimstone, Orange-tip, Green Hairstreak, Speckled Wood, Wall and Small Heath. Enthusiasts search for the illusive Marsh Fritillary but to date no sighting has been recorded. The bare ground is where you’ll see the Green Tiger Beetle. This beetle is a brilliant green colour with two yellow spots on its back. It runs very fast and if you get too close it flies away very quickly.

Located between the major tourist centres of Kilkenny and Cashel is the area known as the Slieveardagh Hills.It is adjacent to the major urban centres of Thurles, Cashel, Clonmel and Kilkenny. It can be approached from the N8 at Urlingford or from the N76 via Ballingarry. The medieval walled town of Fethard is nearby, as is the Widow McCormack’s “1848 War House” in at The Commons,near Ballingarry.

The area consists of patches of bare ground and some sparse vegetation, with a few alder saplings growing here and there. With so much reclamation, re-seeding and fertilizer being applied to so much marginal land, areas with sparse vegetation are quite scarce in Tipperary. This area at Derry Vella now has three pairs of breeding lapwings which may be common in winter but are declining in Ireland as a breeding species and are in fact, the lapwing is now on the Red list of Birds of Conservation Concern.